White2Tea Quick Tasting Notes

The list below is an archive of quick tasting notes of White2Tea teas that I’ve tasted. I might write up complete reviews at some point, but definitely not for all these teas.

To be added soon:

  • 2018 Turtle Dove
  • 2018 Censers
  • 2021 Hot Brandy
  • 2021 Lumber Slut
  • 2021 Snoozefest

Ripe Puerh

2017 Old Reliable

  • strong woody taste
  • basic, yet enjoyable brew
  • very representative taste of the ripe puerh category
  • no nonsense value tea - simple and cheap (0.0825 USD/g), good daily drinker

2016 Cream

  • my favourite W2T ripe so far
  • as the name suggests - creamy and smooth
  • very approachable for a ripe
  • a bit more expensive at 0.175 USD/g, but totally worth it
  • ordered a second cake

2018 Waffles

  • smooth texture
  • dark flavor profile, wood and cocoa
  • there’s nothing agressive, so I’d say it’s a good tea for beginners, but the bitterness is maybe a bit too much, especially since it’s not really balanced by any higher notes or sweetness
  • ok tea as a daily drinker, not sure if it’s the best for my palate

2021 Lumber Slut

  • as the name suggests, strong wood flavor and dry texture
  • not very complex, but I don’t consider that a downside
  • enjoyable for me, but it’s definitely a personal choice
  • I wouldn’t drink this every day, it really depends on the mood - great tea for gloomy weather

White Tea

2018 Nightlife

  • my first cake of white tea
  • tastes similar to a young raw puerh, which makes sense due to the origin
    • honey-like sweetness with a bit of a raw punch
  • I like to brew this with boiling water to get a heavy full-bodied brew
  • easy to overbrew, make sure to not use too much leaf
  • an enjoyable tea to sit down, relax and let your thoughts wander


Snowflake Dancong

  • ok tea, hasn’t impressed me so far, maybe I’m brewing it wrong
  • a clear fruity phoenix aroma right from the start, accompanied by an unexpected vegetal note, which I stopped noticing after the second steep
  • easy to overbrew